The "Fujin" is the god of wind.
The "Raijin" is the god of thunder.
In olden times of Japan, people had thought natural phenomenon with a large force that humans not beat it, is the work of God.
Thunder and strong winds are representative natural phenomena which is occur most familiar and have a mighty power.
Since it is a natural phenomenon that often occurs at the same time, so there are many paintings and statues which has painted Fujin and Raijin as a pair.
In painting of Japan, it has been painted by many artists. Especially "Byobu-ga(Picture which is paint on pair of two folded screens)" named "Fujin-Raijin-Zu-Byobu (Picture of Wind and Thunder Gods)" painted by "Sotatsu Tawaraya" is very famous.
Furthermore, painters called "Rimpa" (include "Ogata Korin" and "Sakai Hoitsu") prefer painting pictures of these motif.
"Fujin" has large bag that can generates wind, "Raijin" has several Tabor over its head that can occur lightning.
Yamada Heiando produce furniture that has replicated the "Byobu-ga", tray which designed "Fujin" and "Raijin" turn cute, and other things everyday use.