It is one of the school of Art and Design in Japan. Or, it also means an artist who belong to its school, and art works which is created by them. It has popular by bold composition and rich decorative with gold and silver foil, further it is said affecting the "Japonisme".
So called "school"(not limited to art) in Japan, in many cases, the disciple has inherited unique technique of its school from there master directly. However, the school of "Rimpa" is not the case. "Rimpa" just refers to artists and craftsmen in the "Edo" period(from 17th century to 19th century) who used a similar style, there is not have relationship that taught or teach,disciple or master among this school.
They repeated imitation of art works which is ideal of them to learn technique.
It is a interesting and unique point of "Rimpa".
"Hon'ami Koetsu", "Tawaraya Sotatsu", "Ogata korin", "Ogata Kenzan", "Sakai Hoitsu", "Suzuki " and "Suzuki Kiitsu" are considered as main "Rimpa" artists.
The name of "Rimpa" was named after a character "Rin" of "Ogata Korin".