"Sakura" Cherry blossom

"Sakura" is so-called cherry blossom in English.
In olden times, in Japan, "flower" that people expressing was meaning the "plum" . However, sakura had been loved by noble in the "Heian" period(from 9th century to 12th century) ever since this time, speaking of "flower" have been meant the "Sakura". Even now, "Sakura" is liked by people as a representative of the flower of Japan.
There are many kinds of the pattern of the "Sakura".
"Neko-tsume Sakura" is a pattern drawn in the image of a "Sakura" blossom in full glory in full bloom.
"Ko-Sakura" is a pattern drawn in the image of the petal fluttering elegantly by being shaken in a gentle breeze of spring.
"Sakura Komon" is a pattern that has pretty impression, in particular, it was often used as a pattern on the "kimono".
In addition, there may also express four seasons of Japan by drawing in combination with other plants and cherry. "Haru-Hana" is a pattern that drawn the "Sakura" and the "Ume(plum which is ranging in Japan)", it represents the spring.
"Shun-Ju" is a pattern that represents seasonal changes by drawing the "Sakura" and the autumn leaves .
"Kiku-Sakura" is a pattern that drawn "Sakura" and "Kiku(chrysanthemum)", and its pattern is very gorgeous. "Kiku" has been recognized as a flower of another on behalf of Japan, and it has symbolize the fall.
"Sakura-Sakura" is a pattern of Yamada Heiando original. It images the melody of song called "Sakura-Sakura"(a children's song of Japan), the flow of a river represent the staff notation, and the petals of cherry represent the notes.
Not limited above-mentioned patterns, there is a lot of patterns which image the "Sakura" blossoms.