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YAMADA HEIANDO Lacquerware: Hand-Crafted Imperial Luxury for Japanese Emperor

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About "material"

  • Wood
    It is a material which is the most traditional and popular when making lacquerware. It has some characteristic which is light weight, strong and easy to process. In Japan, it has flourished culture concerned with "tree" that is rich in diversity, because there were a lot of trees with various properties.
    Lacquerware is one of typical things of its culture.
    It has superior functional aspect which is softness of the material and the strong heat-insulating in particular.
    Since lacquerware made from wood has strong heat-insulating, when serves something hot to wooden vessels, user difficult to feel the heat directly, not easy burn on the hand and lip. It is the user friendly vessel.
    In addition, it leads to good heat-retaining, and foods served on wooden vessels are difficult to get cool.
    It is moderate hardness, and moderate softness, so it is easy to process. Moreover it leads to a merit which is difficult to be broken. Even if contact with other vessel, it hard to make noises.
    Generally speaking, it has the feeling of "warmth" as a craft material.
    On the other hand, there are disadvantages that is costly and vulnerable to climate change.(Compared to before, it becomes strongly to climate change, because the technology of drying has improved.)

  • MDF:Medium Density Fiberboard
    It is a material which shapes wood into plate-shaped. It is light in weight, and close to wood texture.
    It has characteristics of wood such as the heat retention and the insulation.
    In addition, it can be manufactured at relatively low cost than wood products.

  • Plastic
    In products of Yamada Heiando, the expression of "Plastic" (as material) means a material which is mixed resin with wood flour, and mold several shape of vessels.
    Yamada Heiando only use phenol which is the best texture among various resin as a material of vessels.
    It can hardly get "warp" and "damage" to climate change such as drying compared to wood.
    It can be placed in a refrigerator, and safe to use in foreign countries.
    Further, compared to wood, there is a benefit which is low cost.
    When make a small item, it is barely difference in the cost between wood and plastic.
    For example, when make a big bowl which can cool a bottle of wine, there is big difference in the cost.
    In wood as material, more its size increases, more it will be expensive.
    When produce large bowl, it can sale at affordable prices by using the plastic, and it is an advantage in the cost.

  • "Kiri-Bako" paulownia wood box
    It means boxes made from paulownia wood.
    In Yamada Heiando, normally, products are shipped put into the vanity case, but products of high-quality in particular are shipped put into this box.